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Friday, February 26, 2010

who i the world is sulynn's fwen?
can someone tell me?
i didnt even tell anybody to post stuff like that...
any way dance rocks!!
and ive got my TPC!!!
2 kg of machine siah....
and im prepared to fail geography
i didnt study for river nile...
and it came out
math test also have careles mistake
im going down.......

writtern @6:30 AM

oh my gosh
Thursday, January 7, 2010

i cant believe it
crescent is so sosososso fun
everyone there is so hyper-activtive
so so so so enthu.
its like camp everyday
lots and lots of spirit
i wanted to join Netball
i loved it
but when i went for the first CCA trial- Hockey
i got chosen
and i joined it
im now like- Oh My GOSh
i have no experience how did i get it
it is fun, but.....
im just looking forward to it!!!!?????

writtern @4:48 AM

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ai yo... must go to sch soon...
1 more day left, have to spend it well
but i like my new sch
its so nice!
just made cheese cake with mummy
its delicious, though its not ready yet

writtern @12:53 AM

Sian liao....
Monday, December 28, 2009

Gonna have piano later
i luv it.
anyway, i have nothing to do.....
without sch... life can br quite borring
just tried some dark chocs
it was great!
Actually, i dont realy like chocs
some make me wanna puke- like litterally
but some dont
i dont know why i had those queasy feelings last time
Fortunately i dont now
i like it. ( certain chocxs)
i feel like going out right now.....
So sian...

writtern @11:25 PM

Blog Skins....

Im looking for blog skins
something to suite me
something nice, bubbly and fun...
but ill keep this one.......

writtern @11:20 PM

Fasten your seat belts for the bumpy new year !!!!

OH gosh...
next year is in like a few days time!
happy & excited, yet
nervous and lost-
i mean, im still not familiar with cgs
im not too sure how to get to my class yet
i love the uniform and everything
the best part is that
the bass colour must be white, but
the patterns and lego can be any colour that matches the uniform-
it is yellow and blue
So happy siah!!
But i heard all of these stuff from the sec 2s and 3s
who helped out in cgs
i simply love that sch
gabrelle- (sorry i cant spell) and clarissa are in my class!

writtern @11:09 PM

oh nooo.......
getting fat & Lazy..
and with sch coming soon, im not gonna make it.....
sch holidays ending so fast........
i wish it was longer

writtern @10:18 PM